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2013 Green Hospital Solutions & International Seminar

Release time:2013-8-20

                                                              Safeguard Your Life in Green-2013 Green Hospital Solutions & International Seminar
       As China pioneered the green hospital construction and development of the most forward looking and scientific exhibitions and forums platform in China, 2013 Green Hospital Solutions Expo & International Symposium debut Suzhou International Expo Center on July 26 -28, 2013.

      In recent years, the Chinese government has invested in health care which has grown rapidly in the past decade, the government investment in the construction of the hospital nearly 20% annual growth, China has become the world's most active hospital construction market. It is in such a context, Reed Sinopharm and Chinese Hospital Association jointly launched the "Green Hospital Solutions Fair", with many years in the medical field hospital construction and deeply accumulation and advantages of resources together. They are building a Chinese hospital construction field products , technical exchanges, trading trade, systematic study of the platform.
      The "Green Hospital Solutions Expo," a collection of architectural design and planning of the hospital, the hospital building materials, construction of integrated operating room, hospital treatment engineering, building automation and other areas of the hospital over more than 100 well-known manufacturers for the industry to provide professional system solutions. There were expected ten thousands from hospitals, health care institutions, and industry professionals getting together to discuss Chinese green hospital development.
      Held in conjunction with the "Green Hospital Solutions International Seminar" by Chinese Hospital Association, Hospital Building System branch chairman, by Mr. ZhuGe Lirong preparing for the construction of future policy direction of the hospital and hospital service capacity building and sustainable development as the main direction of discussion.

      The fair has also cooperated with Reed Sinopharm’s many brand exhibition, including the National Medical Equipment Regional Fair, China Rehabilitation Expo China Expo pharmacy procurement and supply, the National Special Drugs Commodities Fair, and strive to help companies from many angles cognitive Chinese Hospital construction of the functional requirements and government policy changes, for the green hospital construction industry to build advocacy, trade, communication, learning stereo platform.

(Source: "Health News")