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Video Laryngoscope

The handheld Video Laryngoscope (VL) is designed for quicker & preciser intubation. It provides a consistent, clear, real-time view of patient’s airway to enable successful intubation.
The TUORenKingtaek® video laryngoscope is the perfect tool for physicians and other healthcare professionals who need to effectively operate on difficult airways. The device is easy to use, learn, and teach. It integrates easily into standard ICU, ER, Res
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          Product Specification Detachable LED Monitor

  •                Size 3 inch
  •                Video Aspect Radio 4:3
  •                Vedio Refresh Rate 30 Frames P/S
  •                Resolution 960*480
  •                Video Format PAL/NTSC
  •                Iumination < 350 lux

          Reusable Video Laryngoscope Handle

  •                Rechargeable Li-battery: 3.7V DC 2000mA
  •                Battery Capacity: 240 Minutes of Continuous Operation upon fully Charging
  •                Pixel: 640*480
  •                Depth of Field: 50mm-500mm
  •                Camera Chip: COMS
  •                Light Source: White LED

          Disposable Blade:









        Females and    Children

     Regular Airway




       Males, Regular  Airway




    Obese Patients,

    Regular Airway


  •                The reusable laryngoscope handle is fully compatible with 3 size of disposable blades: Mac2/Mac3/Mac4
  •                The LED screen is detachable and compatible with all modles of video laryngoscope by TUOREN.
  •                Light&self-contained, TUOREN Video Laryngoscope is perfectly protable for various clinical settings including OR, ER, ICU  and ambulance.


  •                Detachable 3''LED Monitor
  •                Flexible Video Laryngoscope System Configurations Video LaryngoscopeHandle+Radio Transmitter+8''LED Monitor
  •                Wireless Video Laryngoscope System Video Laryngoscope Handle +TV Cable + 32''Monitor


  •               Rigid Alluminiuim Alloy Frame holding up to 500 Newtons
  •               2000 mA Rechargeable Li-battery Powering 240 minutes of continousoperation upon being fully charged.
  •              16G TF Card
  •               Water Resistant design of Vedio Laryngoscope Handle
  •               Break-Resistant Blades