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  • Anesthesia Kit
  • Anesthesia Kit

Anesthesia Kit

It is used in the clinic epidural block and anesthesia to human body for puncture and injection.
Applications in surgery, obstetrics and pain control.
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● LOR indicator syringe makes the puncture process visualized, improves success rate and safety of puncture.

● Anti-injury aneathesia catheter has strong tensile property, blue soft tip reduces injury during placement.

● The epidural needle dealed with special process, has clear puncture feeling and smooth insertion of anesthesia catheter.

● Spinal needle with pen-tip type dealed with special process, makes puncture point heal quickly and automatically and reduces postoperative headache rate.

● 0.2μm liquid filter, precision filtration.



Anesthesiology Department, Pain Department, Emergency Department





Combined Spinal & Epidural Kit Continuous Epidural Kit
Accessories SE11625C SE11625S SE11625R SE11625T SE11827C CE11690C CE11690S CE11690R CE11690T CE11890C
Lor Indicator Syringe 5ml
Epidrual Needle 16G
Epidrual Needle 18G
Spinal Needle 25G
Spinal Needle 27G
Epi. Catheter 19G
Epi. Catheter-&stylet 19G
Epi. Catheter- Reinforced 19G
Epi. Catheter- Soft tip 19G
Epi. Catheter 21G
Medicine Filter 0.2μ
5ml/10ml syringe

Epidural pad, subcutaneous needle (22G, 16G) are optional;5ml/10ml syringe is optional.