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  • LOR Indicator Syringe
  • LOR Indicator Syringe

LOR Indicator Syringe

application for anesthesia operation of intravertebral puncture,including epidural anesthesia, spinal-epidural labor analgesia.
application for anesthesia operation of spinal puncture.
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●Visualization: Compare with glass LOR syringe, LOR Indicator Syringe makes the puncture  process visualized;
●Safety: The pressure in balloon is low and stable with a deviation of 3Kpa;
●Accurate judgment: Improve the success rate and security of puncture.
●Easy operation: Facilitate clinic and medical teaching.


Operating Steps:

1.confirm the LOR Indicator Syringe is intact before operation;Fill the syringe with about 5ml normal saline; puncture the epidural needle into ligamentum flavum.

2.Remove the stylet, and connect the prepared syringe with epidural needle tightly.

3.Push the plunger rod to the mark of 2ml to make the ballon inflated;Next,push the needle forward slowly,and aviod moving backward.

4.When the ballon gets deflated promptly, it means the needle reaches the epidual space successfully.