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  • Surgical Gown
  • Surgical Gown

Surgical Gown

It is comfortable and easy to put on. apron-style neck and waist tie closures which ensure snug fit.
For the operation use
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Product Name

Surgical Gown

Type and Specification


【Material and Structure

The surgical gown is made of non-woven fabric material with certain protective properties, and is composed of a body, sleeves and ties.


  • The appearance of surgical gown is straight, without obvious wrinkles, holes or stains.
  • The Needle code interval should be even without jumpers;.
  • The mass per unit area of a single layer is greater than 25g/㎡.
  • The air permeability of a single layer is greater than 100mm/s. 
  • The water-soaked grade of surgical gown is greater than level 3.