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Tuoren Group joined the ASA

Release time:2015-11-18

    The 135th American Surgical Association Annual Meeting (ASA) was held on 24th October – 28th October, 2015. Tuoren Group joined the meeting. ASA was founded in 1880, which was the oldest and authoritative surgical group in American. The members of the association come from all over the world and set up annual science to encourage the talents in the field of surgery in order to enhance the level of surgical clinical diagnosis and treatment. ASA aims to improve the clinical surgery and the level of surgery nursing. Gathering the specialists and scholars around the world and sharing the latest research results are the purpose of the association. 

    In the meeting, Tuoren Group exhibited the Anesthesia products including the anesthesia kit, endotracheal tube, tracheotomy tube, laryngeal airway mask, anesthesia mask, infusion pump and laryngoscope, and some of our new products, like orthopedic polymer bandage, etc. Many foreign clients were interested in the products and looked forward to the further cooperation.