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Our company were invited to participate in the SFDA medical device manufacturing enterprises forum

Release time:2013-8-08

   Our company were invited to participate in the SFDA(State Food and Drug Administration) medical device manufacturing enterprises forum On August 8, 2013, by the Chinese Medical Device Industry Association, China Association of Medical Equipment, Chinese Medicines and Health Products Import and Export Chamber of Commerce jointly organized by the medical equipment manufacturing enterprises symposium was successfully held in the capital, Beijing.

   The purpose of the activities for the Party's mass line educational practice, listen to regulatory supervision of medical devices relative work of the views and proposals to further promote open government, and constantly improve the quality and level of supervision. Tuoren Medical and other 37 companies to participate in the event.
   Discussions started by the General Administration of Medical Devices Conference Supervision Division introduces medical device regulatory workrelated situations. There are three main purposes: Firstly, this year medical supervision inform the work situation, and the next year the work of thinking, in order to supervise the work in the future, be able to get more support and understanding; The second is to listen to production enterprises supervision and management of medical devices to the views and suggestions. Thirdly, listen to the medical device manufacturing enterprises Supervision Division of comments and suggestions.