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2013 Beijing International Pain Forum and the Seventh National Conference notification clinical pain

Release time:2013-8-13

     To further promote the exchange of Pain Medicine and technological progress, strengthen interdisciplinary pain clinic physicians in the field of communication and cooperation, international and Chinese to show the cause of Clinical Pain Medicine Pain Physician rapid development of China's professional style, Ministry of International Exchange and Cooperation Centre, Xuanwu Hospital, capital Medical University, the Chinese Medical Association credits will be pain, Chinese Medical Association of Anesthesiology, the World Association of China branch of neuromodulation, the World Medical Association pain co-sponsored by the China Branch organized the "2013 Beijing International Pain Forum clinical pain and the Seventh China Conference "Multiple pain-related disciplines at home and abroad experts, physicians, and medical equipment manufacturers will meet again to demonstrate the pain clinic's new technology, new equipment, new drugs and new progress, exchange knowledge, cheerfully and friendship.
      The meeting will be held August 23, 2013 -25 at the Beijing National Convention Center grand opening. By then, the pain experts from home and abroad, scholars gathered together, lectures and seminars clinical pain treatment progress and new technology, and jointly promote the domestic and international clinical pain diagnosis, treatment, management and discipline construction of academic exchanges and cooperation, enhance clinical pain involved the various professional mutual understanding 
between physicians.
      The theme of the conference is: exquisite pain, minimally invasive visualization. Compact analgesic pain treatment at home and abroad in recent years, a new requirement, reflects the modern pain treatment techniques to develop a new feature that is fine, perfect from the details of individual aspects of each treatment is a combination of clinical and basic research results, marking the treatment of pain to meticulous planning, fine operation, management and precise targeting precision level close to the meeting experts will be invited lectures and seminars around the exquisite pain.
      Visualization is a minimally invasive pain treatment techniques characteristic properties, but also the inevitable trend of development of Pain Medicine. Modern imaging technology for minimally invasive pain management techniques visualization plug in the wings, this area of the new technology is developing rapidly, dazzling. Little attention, behind the times.
      Popularity of minimally invasive visualization analgesic technique has been our Office will feature, this time we will foraminal mirror minimally invasive techniques, such as radiofrequency technology, implantable drug pump embedded technology, ultrasound-guided technique, continuous splanchnic nerve block techniques pain in areas of new technology to give full display to enable us to work with international technological developments consistent pain, or even beyond.
      Multidisciplinary communication is our tradition, we are still engaged in a number of disciplines, including experts in the field of medicine come together to interact, learn from each other and improve together.
      The past several meetings on-site technical presentations are very popular and are still trying to run this in good faith to help participants actually increased.
      The meeting coincided with the Xuanwu Hospital, Capital Medical University Pain clinic 10th anniversary, will have a grand celebration and thank you for the love and support over the years.
      We cordially invite you to attend the meeting, participate in the exchange, join the festivities; work together to promote the cause of pain medicine better with international standards for the professional development of our clinical pain contribute!

      Welcome to Beijing.

The outgoing president of the World Medical Association Pain and Chinese club president
President of the Assembly: Ni Jiaxiang, Liu Jin