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China's Medical Equipment Industry: “copy” is not the future

Release time:2013-8-22

      At the recently 2013 International Biotechnology Conference, several media reporters were attracted by a palm-sized blood pressure meter and measured from the front of the booth has its own blood pressure in an enterprise of the exhibition. It is understood that this enterprise had developed dozens of portable medical equipment, as well as remote clinics, and other devices so that users can not go out to see a doctor.
      It is reported that China's pharmaceutical market is currently growth rate of 30% at an annual, four times as fast as developed countries. However, China's medical equipment still in a "copy" of Europe and the developed product of the era. Still Playing Catch-up
      "Over the past 10 years, China's medical device market increased from RMB30 billions yuan to RMB160 billions yuan, an increase of 20% to 25%." Chinese Academy of Engineering, Tsinghua University, Professor Cheng Jing report presented at the meeting.
      Jing Cheng believes that the future of traditional, rapid high-end products and new technology to lead the trend of the products will be coexistence. He graphically analyzed several types of products. China fully autom-ated immunochemical analyzer is gradually shorten the distance with the developed countries. The highest level 
of foreign immunochemical analysis can analyze about 200 times per hour, China is now also made samples manufacturers of 100 to 200 times per hour. Cheng Jing was responsible for their own Boao Biological Co.which equipment has obtained China SFDA issued a technical certificate, the flux is 120 times / hour. 
      From the global developing, the medical devices in vitro diagnostics instrument also rapid growth, mainly in three areas: molecular diagnostics, pathology analysis and bedside monitors. Massing global molecular diagnostics market is temporarily not great, about $ 6 billion, but the growth is very fast, the global average annual growth of 
about 11% to 12%. China's output value was $ 100 millions in 2011.
      However, the domestic and molecular diagnosis-related part of the equipment getting smaller and smaller gap compared with developed countries, but the gap is still large high-end products. In sequencing instrument platform software, currently only some companies and universities involved in research. A company funded last year in 
support of the Ministry of Science, this year produced specifically for gene mutation detection sequencing instrument, but it can not contest with foreign manufacturers.
      Able to "copy" the competitiveness of an unnamed expert commented domestic orthopedic medical devices in China: "China orthopedic medical product is currently with most medical products, in the 'copy' Europe developed products period.
      Data show that the first quarter of this year, China had from 81 countries and regions imported in the amount of more than 30 billion dollars in medical equipment, an increase of 15.41%. Among them, Europe is the largest importer of Chinese medical device market, imports amounted to $ 1.171 billion, an increase of 16.42%; North America's second largest market, imports amounted to $ 1.003 billion, an increase of 16.52%; ranked third in Asia, imports to $ 820 million, an increase of 14.38%.
      In these imported products, diagnostic equipment have spent $ 2.17 billion. Among them, the imports of medical equipment worth more than $ 5,000 in products, high value-added products are color ultrasound diagnostic apparatus, X-ray tomography instrument, endoscopy, complete sets of magnetic resonance imaging apparatus, X-ray tubes, stents and artificial joints. Obviously, the lack of Chinese high-end medical devices, do not occupy the forefront of the 
international market, the market does not have the right to speak.    
      Although the "copy" can quickly produce products that meet safety and efficacy, and can eliminates development time and costs, but Chinese manufacturers lack the manufacturing technology, "copy" still a gap with the genuine products, it is difficult in the high-end market have a competitive force.
      Meanwhile, the Chinese orthopedic device is going through in recent years, large companies acquired by U.S. manufacturers, these companies not only to seize the Chinese market, but also through mergers and acquisitions in China set up a research and development base, so that the majority of patients to receive medical.
      Positive industrial restructuring in China, you can set up a national biomedical research and development center to assist industry and academia to innovative ideas in clinical basic research results into products listed. This prevents a short period time and cost-consuming industries to explore the development of independent innovation process, 
     so the industry to gain time to get innovation, competition with big international companies. China industrious and intelligent people in the country, supported by all parties through the joint efforts of the medical device industry will catch up developed countries. 

 (Source: China Science News)