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Tuoren Night, “Education --- Avalokitesvara Story” charity event held at the university.

Release time:2013-8-30

     The evening of April 26th, 2013, by the China Disabled Persons’ Federation, Peking University and the central state organs Youth organized Peking University Students' Mental Health Education and Consultation Center, China CDPF organs directly under the Communist Youth League, Youth Federation and China Disabled Art Troupe co-host of “Avalokitesvara story ”charity event at the Peking University Centennial Memorial Hall organized. The event  is organized by the Communist Youth League Beijing Committee as a school guidance units, Tuoren Group for the party's success provides a strong support.
     China CDPF Chairman Zhang Haidi, the central state organs Working Committee Yao Zhiping, China Disabled Persons' Federation Vice President Lv Shiming, deputy party secretary of Beijing Yijing Ye, with some of the central state organs Youth Committee representatives, loving entrepreneurs, Peking University and other college students on behalf of more than 2,300 people attended the event.


      “Heart of Education” is a Beijing university students' mental health and counseling centers combine Peking University student characteristics, the development of mental health education model of innovation. With the past, the traditional mode through psychological counseling, group activities, classroom education in different ways, the “heart education” is infected with the audience through high art, noble story touched hearts, inspired by the wisdom  of highend interviews, students presented to the network era mentality sunshine, advocating mutual help, spiritual connection of the campus culture, and pass altruistic love life wisdom.
     The field is organized by Disabled Art Troupe famous deaf sign language presenters and Peking University students Song Peng Jiang Xintian chaired, the famous host of high    end interview with Zhang Jie as chair, Peking University Students' Mental Health Education and served as associate professor of counseling centers ApaceWave interview guests, interviews with Disabled Art Troupe Huang Yangguang, Jiang Xintian and Tai Lihua three famous actors and disabled entrepreneurs with disabilities chairman Guosheng Wang, psychological experts, China Disabled Persons' Federation secretary of the Communist Youth League Yan Hung Fung. The entire show, including Disabled Art Troupe art show, troupe members high-end interviews, audience interaction, etc., in various forms.



       Disabled Art Troupe of professional performances not only bring students a strong sensory experience, more importantly, spiritual shock. Party consists of three aspects, named by "beauty of sunshine of mind", "the beauty of the soul connection" and "love of wisdom." By touching every aspect troupe performances and interviews with heartfelt composition, set the emotional and rational collision in one, so that the audience received a perfect experience.
       Aesthetic touching “My Dream”, lively warm “green seedlings”, beautiful dynamic of the “code of life” sounds wonderful, “You are my eyes” and other programs to make the audience feel the life force. Huang Yangguang was interviewed that the audience truly feel the miracle of life to create “beauty of sunshine of mind ,” Jiang Xintian interview let the audience feel deeply artistic wonders of creating “a spiritual connection to the United States”, Tai Lihua interview even deeper, inspiring everyone insight into transnational, cross-cultural, cross-racial human wisdom - “Big Love wisdom beauty.” Subsequent deaf dance “Thousand hand Bodhisattva” will show to a climax, they are real performances won thunderous applauses from the audience, all immersed in the scene being touched.


        “Avalokitesvara” is a Chinese national treasure and cultural heritage of humanity, this work not just embodied beautiful dancing, but also interpretation of the good as the core of Guanyin, dancers dignified looks and angelic smile revealing the soul windows in harmony and virtue, to propagate the beauty in real life.


                       The audience were praying for the Ya'an

       At last of show, performing "Avalokitesvara" the 21 deaf actor came to Peking University students to the middle of 2300 the audience in sign language to communicate with people, “Love is a common language, a large Aiya An, praying Ya'an.” This moment, at the Peking University Centennial Memorial Hall, thousands of Buddhist goddess, uniform, heartfelt love and blessing, truly embodies the “Avalokitesvara” the highest wisdom realm, party ushered in the final climax. Enthusiastic audience, with full of moving into the evening's end.


      Show to the audience brought great spiritual shock, but not a moment of shock ultimate purpose of this evening. Beijing university students' psychological health education and counseling center launched public topics “Avalokitesvara, the good deed in a day” to the students provides a shared platform for public practice, encouraging students to become more involved in public service to go. Charity, helping others to help themselves is also the time, students can improve themselves in the public interest in the mental health level, you can learn about life in the public value and significance, but also can be in the public interest in understanding the human love and life wisdom.