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Chinese Medical History Museum

Release time:2013-9-06



  Recently, Chinese Medical History Museum  is invested 100 million yuan by the national key cultural construction projects for 50,000 square meters exhibition area, this will become China's medical history an important milestone in the development process. Chinese Medical History Museum is invested by the camel Group Investment, and supported by the State Provincial Family Planning Commission, the Chinese Nursing Association, Chinese Medical Association of Anesthesiology and others, which is aimed at sorting through the system, protecting and exhibit brilliant Chinese medicine achievements, so that more people understand and feel the profound medical, but also the wisdom of the Chinese people is preserved,has important significance. As five thousand years of Chinese medical culture, and knowledge base rich in educational resources, Medical History Museum of these resources through exhibitions, attracting wide public attention, into public life, into the economy and society, and promote the harmonious development of economy and society. Medical History Museum, which systematically organized with five thousand years of Chinese medical culture, while attracting foreign culture, its essence lies, attract the majority of medical staff to visit, so that they can receive this revelation that will help the development of medical research. Chairman of Tuoren Group Guosheng Wang said that Tuoren Medical History Museum aimed to rescue Chinese medicine history,  preservation Chinese medicine materials, record Chinese medicine development process, organize Chinese medicine character history, and build Chinese medicine academic exchange education platform. However, Rome was not built in a day, the medical history museum building is also not achieved overnight. Because of the profound Chinese medicine determines,Tuoren Group understands difficulty building of the museum but we decided to lead to establish this anesthetic History Museum. According to the plan, Anesthesia History Museum will be divided into three parts.The first part of the Chinese History Museum main hall of anesthesia, anesthesia including Chinese history,Portraits, secretary of the literature, drugs and devices, regional museum and other contents; second part of the Chinese Museum of anesthesia and simulation theater hall; Part three of the museum hall, desk, bookstores,gift shops, cafes and so on. At present, China Anesthesia History Museum was registered by a professional design team for exhibition design at the national level cultural relics department officially. In end of this year,800 square meters of temporary exhibition hall will be opened. Expected to October 2014, China Anesthesia

History Museum will be officially put into use. A road of a thousand miles begins with one step. A museum is a materialization of history, the future of Medical History Museum is bounded to provide more learning opportunities for clinical staff. Meanwhile, the Tuoren  Group will also contribute more to the development!

 Chinese Medical Association of Anesthesiology

 July 22, 2013