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Grip Optimal ventilation
Face mask ventilation is an essential compnent of ASA Difficult Airway Algorithm and the most available system for experienced and inexperienced users in both the hospital and prehospital setting
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ErgoMask Plus features a colored marking around hand contour to ensure the right grip each and every time.




  • Contoured cushion creatures a gentle seal with the patients' face.
  • More conductive for stuff to use one hand operate.
  • Clear, soft, medical-grade material.


 3.0#      4.0#      5.0#      

Optimal Facemask Ventilation Requires:



    ● Validated airway maneuver (“Chin Lift”- one hand ventilation; “Jaw Thrust”- two hand ventilation)

    ● Power seal


One hand Face Mask Ventilation with the ErgoMask

Achieves these Requirements:


 ● Facilitates an aggressive one hand airway maneuver, the “Chin Lift” grip. The measurement of an efficient “Chin Lift” is the increase of the mentum-sternum distance.

 ● Provides for improved seal, by allowing control of the whole mask: the “Power” grip.

 ● Ergonomic hand position.


“Chin Lift” Grip



First apply “Chin Lift” to patient.

 While maintaining “Chin Lift”, place the mask and grip it with thumb and index finger resting against the Contoured Hand Ridge.



ErgoMask With Asymmetric & Contoured Dome for Left Hand Grip  



ErgoMask Plus: “Grip the whole dome without showing any color”


 Correct/Optimal Grip




 Incorrect/Suboptimal Grip        



Standard Face Mask with Symmetrical Dome